Sunday, June 21, 2009

saturday sunday cell phone mosaic

first of all, happy father's day daddy! and happy father's day ben! y'all are the best dads anyone could ever ask for. i love you both so much!

today was a great day! here's a quick run down:

sleep in/wake up at 8:30

nursery duty at church-2 year old boys

lunch at mr. goodcents

sherwin williams


father's day present

cut the grass

pull weeds

admire our one ripe raspberry :-)

grill dinner

simon & simon

quick run to home depot

more yardwork

kids' bath and bedtime


look at our baby fish

late night snack


ahhhh... yes, it was a good day! and now, goodnight!


Ace said...

Nice raspberry! We have wild strawberries in the back yard but we keep mowing over them!

Heather said...

so jealous that your raspberries are ahead of us. :) sounds like you had a great day! love you!

di said...

cute raspberry!!whats its name?