Monday, June 29, 2009

not me! monday ~ birthday edition

time for not me! monday. this week we ate out more than we ate at home. i stayed in my jammies until afternoon. on two days. and i didn't put ryan down for a nap until 5 pm last night.

that's what took place this week...

...and here's what did NOT happen:

samantha did NOT turn six this week. i was NOT super sad about how fast she has grown up.

on her actual birthday we did NOT have to go to target so that i could buy her another present, a card, gift bag, and a birthday cake.

we did NOT give her a digital camera (that ben won on a pallet at the auction) for her birthday. she is NOT totally enjoying it and has NOT already gone through a set of batteries and has NOT taken over 200 pictures. in 24 hours! and last night at walmart she was NOT taking pictures of random strangers...

this week samantha is NOT going to have her first ever friend birthday party. and she is NOT extremely excited! this is totally NOT a spur-of-the-moment-thrown-together-party and i am definitely NOT behind on preparations.

so while scurrying to get samantha's birthday party invitations in the mail i did NOT buy a book of stamps at walmart, slap on the address labels i had pre-printed, and drop them in the mailbox at the post office on my way home from walmart. the next night i did NOT open up my purse and see a full book of stamps in there. yes, you guessed it--i did NOT forget to put stamps on every single invitation. not quite knowing whether the invitations would come back to me or be delivered with postage due, i did NOT then have to call every mom (except for the ones i facebooked!) to tell them when and where the party was and appologize in case they would have to pay to receive their invitation.

and while i was chatting on the phone with the last mom, she did NOT inform me that the pool where we're gonna have the party didn't open until an hour and a half after my planned time. so i did NOT have to change the time and then call everyone back again with the correct time.

next time samantha has a friend party (or just a birthday for that matter)? i am NOT gonna plan waaayyyyyy better.

what did you NOT do this week? stop by mckmama's blog for more not me fun!!


A day in the Life... said...

LOL boy that sounds like a lot of work!

Ace said...

So sounds like something I'd do

Heather said...

can i get you to plan monthly birthday parties for preschool next year??? :) j/k love ya!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

PLan my party anytime...NOT!! How hilarious is that! You made my night with laughs!

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwww, Happy Birthday Samantha!

Hey, it was your first one... you'll get better at it! Be glad you're learning now when she's six. I doubt she's noticing or caring about all the stress. She'll just have fun and that's all she'll remember. =0)

Hope it gets smoother for ya!


Ashley said...

Oh that is hilarious.. so something I would do!