Thursday, May 14, 2009

we heart art

if you missed my last post, let me tell you that sara at domestically challenged, 3baybchicks and I'm Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor, are hosting "we heart art."
'...which gives you the chance to not only showcase your artwork or creative projects, but also your kid's handiwork. You can read the kick-off post here. Prizes for children and adults will be awarded to a few lucky winners selected at random.'

post your art entries on your blog, then link them to any or all of the blogs that i mentioned! or if you have already posted some artwork in the past, just link that post to their websites. but hurry people, today is the last day!

so now for the artistic side of our family samantha and i. (i'm not saying that ben and ryan aren't artistic... ben can make a house look beautiful with his painting, but i don't having any pictures of him. and ryan hasn't really dabbled into art yet, except for his sunday school papers he brings home with 3 scribbles on them...!)


well you already know that samantha (5 years old) has a creative side if you read this post. but here are some of my favorites that she's done.

this was the first picture she ever colored for me. she was about 19 or 20 months old. it still hangs on my freezer!

samantha was 3 years old when she made these placemats. they're so much fun to do. just take a piece of construction paper, load them up with stickers, and then cover both sides with clear contact paper. if you need to find cheap stickers check out your local dollar store!

samantha drew this nativity picture, which i used for our christmas card, when she was 4. she got quite flustered with her star so i drew the one in the middle for her. and check out joseph's toothy grin!

samantha made this flowers for me a few months ago with her nana. she made them out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. she even sprayed them with perfume so that they'd smell good!

this is one of the most special things samantha has made for me. it was my gift for mother's day this year. isn't it beautiful?! her nana took her to a class at a craft store and she made me this necklace. she tried to crimp some of the tiny gold beads herself but needed a little help. other than that, it was all her!

samantha also has a wonderful singing voice... she loves to sing and make up songs. here is a video of her singing the star spangled banner when she was 2. she learned this from ben and i singing it around the house. don't ask me why, but we would always sing it. (we don't anymore.)



it was hard to come up with ideas for me. my main artistic ability is playing the piano. but i don't have any video of me doing that. and i don't have a piano handy so that i CAN take a video. (and even if i did, i probably wouldn't want to be on video!)

but then i remembered that i used to paint. my parent's enrolled me in an oil painting class when i was 13. i won't post any of my first paintings, but here's one i did for my mom.

another thing i like to do is write poems. i mainly write poems for my family members, and some other miscellaneous things, like pizza, and chatting online.

when i got to the end of my book, i had forgotten about one of the last poems i wrote. it was for my grandpa after he was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. i wrote this april 26, 2006.

Good Times With Gramps

I remember the good times
That you and I've had
I'm lucky to have
Such a wonderful granddad

You'd come over to help us
With chicken butchering
You'd warn us by saying
"Don't cut the green thing!"

I remember the winter
I helped you with wood
And you'd drive the snow machine
As fast as you could

Trolling down the river
Or at Blackberry Lake
I always enjoyed
The fishing trips that we'd take

The trip to Alaska
Is a memory that's best
Lang...halibut fishing
And that mouse--what a pest

Time spent at your house
Was never in vain
Playing games, vising,
Or just watching the trains

Waving bye from your porch
Hugs, kisses, and whisker rubs
These are special ways
That you've shown me your love

Celebrating special times
You'd aways make a way
To be at parties, piano recitals
And my wedding day

Since moving away
I've enjoyed your letters
But seeing you in person
Is so much better

These are the memories
That I'll hold dear
Thanks for all the good times
Throughout all the years

nowadays, photography is my art. i have fallen in love with my camera and i'm truely enjoying this hobby! even if it's just pictures of the kids! and not only do i like to take pictures, but i have fun editing them on my computer also.

well there you have it! you still have time to enter... we heart art ends at midnight. so get creative! i think i'm off to watch some artistic television..!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

That's a LOT of art! :) I can't believe you can paint like that - I can't paint at ALL!!

And your photos are simply GORGEOUS.

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, talented family. I LOVE photography, and totally loved the angles! Great post! Nice to meet ya. Thanks for dropping by my blog. =0)

Brooke said...

Umm....all I can say is "Wow!" You are so very, very talented! Everything you showcased was wonderful....but I think my fav is your oil painting....stunning!

Helene said...

Gosh, I don't even know where to have some serious talent in your family!! Your daughter's flowers are beautiful and I loved that she thought to spray perfume on the tissue paper! The jewelry she made for you was beautiful...I saw that Michael's craft store was doing something similar for kids and I hinted to my husband how fun that would be for him to take the kids to make some jewelry but it went completely over his head!

Your photography is gorgeous! You definitely have an eye for photography and the detail is amazing!!

Ace said...

You probably saw my tweet, but holy cow! You're good. said...

Wow-What beautiful art work. I absolutely love the photographs you took. They are incredible. Beautiful painting you made too! Thank you for sharing such beautiful work!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Wow, Erin. I have no idea what to comment on. The pics, the poem, the paintings, scrapbook~ all awesome!
I love the oil painting, but I also love the flower and poem..
okay, my STILL AWAKE at 10:37 p.m. son is driving me nuts, off to tape him to the bed!

Alicia said...

Where do I begin??

Love the video of your daughter! I think she's the youngest person I've heard sing that!!! Too cute!

You definitely passed on your creative gene to your children! I'll have to copy the placemat craft! Looks so fun and easy!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Becky said...

wow, Erin, you could probably dig out some of your 1st paintings and sell them to these people!!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

TALENT! TALENT! TALENT! You are ALL loaded with it!

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

I love the necklace your daughter made for you. She did a great job. I also like your poem, I dabble with poetry too. :) As I commented on someone else's photography, I really like the black and white photos, because, to me, when the distraction of the colors is missing, I see the picture the way it really is. You are very creative, and it looks like your daughter is taking after you on that. By the way, your baby boy is gorgeous. Good job Mama.

Momma Snail said...

Wow! This is a great post. Your photographs are stunning. I love the precious nativity picture. That is priceless. I am following you now! Your blog is so cute.

Ashley said...

I love Samantha's flower... and your painting! Blew me away! Do you still paint ever? That is amazing!

I love love love photography but I'm not nearly as good at it as you. I really want to take some classes one day but I need to let my life settle down a little bit first :)

A day in the Life... said...

Wow great post! you and samantha are very artsy!