Saturday, August 30, 2008

art in all forms

all over my house i have art. samantha art. she makes pictures for us all the time and she used to just give them to us personally. but then she found out where i keep the tape and one day i walked into my room and was almost startled by the picture of her on my bedroom wall. (also taped on my wall: 5 strawberries and a note for ben and i with a picture of the three of us in heaven.)

now her pictures just pop up everywhere and my "murals of samantha art" grow every day, it seems. the fridge is the newest hot spot because she doesn't want to waste the tape!

miscellaneous drawings on the kitchen wall including homemade "stop" and "go" signs

i have a stack of pictures and such that samantha has made that i just can't part with. i didn't have a favorite until the other day. she was busy drawing and asked me, "how do you spell Jesus?" so i told her and a few minutes later she came in and stuck this picture on the fridge. "it's for Jesus. for when we get to go to heaven." (it's a picture of Jesus in heaven) she even held it up for Him to see!

today i received a package in the mail... it was a crazy quilt that my grandma made for me. isn't it beautiful! i wish the photo could justify all the detail in it. thanks gramma ~ it's beautiful!

and speaking of beautiful art, this is what God made for samantha and i on our drive home tonight.....


Jessica said...

Wow, those sunset pictures are breathe-taking!

I loved all those pictures that Samantha made! Must be fun to get surprise art on your wall all the time =)

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Nice pictures! The quilt is beautiful too! I have a picture that Baylee drew stuck to my closet door right now too lol