Wednesday, September 3, 2008

God is like a president.

....or so i was told by my 5 year old daughter last night.
we were driving in the car on the way to ben's softball game when samantha piped up and stated,

"mom, God is like a president, huh..."

"umm.... sure." i replied, not quite knowing what to say.

and then she quickly added, "except God takes care of us. a president doesn't take care of us."

and that was that. as fast as the conversation started, it had ended. she had nothing more to say on the subject, thankfully, because i really didn't feel like getting into a political discussion with her!!

i thought it was cute, though!


Nicole said...

Don't you hate when you can think of nothing to say to your FIVE year old?? LOL

She's a smart girl!

Jessica said...

That's cute. I wonder why she thought President's don't help people =) Too funny!