Monday, April 13, 2009

not me! monday

thanks to mckmama, it's not me! monday. go stalk visit her blog like the rest of us and please continue to pray for baby stellan who is starting his 4th week in the hospital.

this has been a fun week full of not me moments, so lets get started!

we were NOT busily cleaning the house this week since my sister heather was coming for a visit. and when we got done with said cleaning, samantha did NOT say "IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!"

since heather was not supposed to get here until 10:30pm on wednesday, i did NOT let samantha stay up just so that she could see her. she did NOT got to bed until 11:30pm!

heather, di (ben's sister), and i did NOT go to phantom of the opera on thursday night. i was NOT so excited to go that i wanted to throw up. i did NOT enjoy phantom soooooooo much that i cried. four times. i did NOT have tears rolling down my face as we left. and when we got home i did NOT look to see if there were still tickets available for the next night. go read heather's post about how great the opera was!

after leaving phantom i did NOT weave in and out of the pillars (while driving my dad’s van) in the parking garage just to annoy my sis-in-law. don’t worry dad, i did NOT hit anything. hehe!

after a big fiasco (which made me really mad) with the walmart photo department a year ago, i did NOT go back there this week to get some graduation pictures printed out for my niece. after i got all the pictures printed out, they wouldn’t let me purchase them because i didn’t have a copyright release (saying that i give myself permission to print out the pictures that i took. ugh.). but instead they said that they would put my name on them and i could get them when i bring back a copyright release. my whole conversation with them (that was much too long for this already long story) did NOT make me very mad! so i did NOT decide to give them my name with the intentions of never picking up the pictures. and just so that they couldn’t track me down, call me, and make me pay for the pictures i was not going to pick up, i did NOT give them my maiden name…

when we were all done with the photo department we exited the store and in front of us was a mother with her probably 2 year old twin girls and 4 year old daughter. as they were walking out she was yelling at the oldest girl “when we get home i’m gonna…” they went down one row in the parking lot and we went down the other. we got to our car and heard a bunch of yelling/cussing. i looked up and the person parked right in front of us was yelling out her passenger window at the mom saying that she was sorry and she didn’t see them. the mom was NOT cussing back at the lady saying about every word you could imagine. and NOT in front of her girls. nice one, mom! we did NOT just stand there and watch for a couple seconds because we were shocked at how the mom was acting. she did NOT then cut through the parking lot over to her car which was two spaces away from ours. she was NOT still loudly cussing at the lady, now in front of MY kids, so i did NOT politely say, “hey, my kids are listening.” she did NOT then turn to me cuss me up one side and down the other. samantha did NOT start digging through her purse for a God loves you paper to give the lady. no, I didn’t let samantha give it to her…. on our way out of the parking lot, the lady did NOT give me the finger (after I honked and waved at her of course!!). and after we left the parking lot i did NOT keep checking my mirrors to make sure she wasn’t following us!

i did NOT make a picure/diagram of the walmart parking lot while riding to MN just so my story would be easier to understand. (yes, the ovals are cars. you can only do so much in a car!) it was also NOT a good way to pass time….. there goes 100 miles…

also on our trip i did NOT get one of those microwavable ham and swiss sandwiches at the gas station for our dinner. and the microwaves were the type that just had a dial and went up to 6 minutes with 15, 30, and 45 second markings. i totally did NOT read the dial incorrectly, thinking that it only went to 60 seconds. so i did NOT put our sandwiches in the microwave and turn the dial to 6 minutes thinking it was only 60 seconds. after the dial got to the 4 and I thought only 20 seconds had gone by instead of 2 minutes, my sister did NOT come to my rescue and tell me to take the sandwiches out before they blew up! thanks, heath!

i am now NOT at my parent’s house in Minnesota. and my dad did NOT finally get high speed internet this year, so hopefully i WON’T be able to keep up on my blog for the next 2 weeks!

happy monday! what have you NOT done this week?!


Heather said...

even though i personally witnessed the gas station ham and cheese episode of april 13th, i actually laughed out loud as i relived it just now! great not me! post. love it.

wv: reekers what we would have been saying had your sandwiches been in the microwave for 6 minutes! :)

Jess(ica) said...

wow, crazy! and thanks for the walmart diagram... it really put it in perspective for me! lol

Anonymous said...

parking garages totally freak me out !!!! I just wanted out of there!!!!

Ace said...

I love that you did a diagram of the walmart parking lot! Too funny! You kept a lot cooler than I would've.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, Walmart, bless your heart, but you are a ridiculous place. What a pain in to deal with the photo department and THEN to have the parking lot episode! Too much!!!

Ashley said...

love the parking garage scene - sounds like something I would do!

Walmart is crazy - how can they not let you have your own pictures?!? that doesn't make any sense!

I hope that woman was just having a really bad day and she's not always like that in front of her kids!

Ashley said...

oh ya, I meant to tell you that I totally laughed out loud at your last comment about ben talking about bizarre stuff!