Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tuesday tip - tell your husband to go fly a kite

and here's the real tip: stay inside with the kids!

it was a beautiful, windy day here yesterday. after eating lunch outside, ben decided to go get one of our kites. he got samantha all set up with the kite and came inside to get another one when i heard samantha yelling "DAD!!! DAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!"

when i went outside she was standing there, helpless, looking up at her kite stuck in the tree. i got it free and then we had an unevenful kite flying day things got dangerous when ben brought out his kite! we were having fun watching the kites, then samantha's broke. so we went on the swings while ben continued to fly his kite.

he was trying to do loop-de-loops (or however you spell that). and at one point, the kite came down at 30 MPH (ok, probably more like 7) an abruptly stopped right above ryan's and my head, thanks to the crossbar on the swingset. i so was shocked that that happened and that ben was laughing, so i wasn't fast enough to get a picture of it. he hurried so fast to get the kite back up in the air and when he succeeded without my getting a picture he said "haha! now you can't put that on your blog!"

ten minutes later he was still doing the same thing. he also managed to get it stuck in a tree a few times while continuing to try loop-de-loops. i told him i was a little nervous about him hitting the kids, who were still on the swings and his arrogent reply was, "hun, if the kite starts to go down i can make it go back up again."

less than 60 seconds later...

...he did it again! i was totally ready this time. and as i was snapping pictures ben was saying, "noooo.....!! oh man. i just totally made your blog."

now that i think about it, he probably did it on purpose! :-) anyway, he "reeled" in the kite shortly thereafter and we went inside with no injuries. but really, for the safety of you and your children, stay inside!

here's some more pictures of the fun!

samantha had a blast flying the kite

and ryan had fun watching!

ryan even got in on the action

and got to fly the kite!

don't be fooled...

he was being goofy and totally posed!


A day in the Life... said...

LOL Way to go Ben!

Other then the minor mishaps it looks like you guys had fun though!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

How fun!! (for everyone!)

Jessica said...

that is so awesome! Glad to see you were prepared to take pics the second time the swing set crash happened! lol!!

Looks like a fun day! what was the temp??

ben and erin said...

yes, i was SO happy that i cought that on film. well, digital film!

it was 72 and breezy!

how many of you northerners are mad that i was a little chilly?!

Ashley said...

What a fun day!

Love the blog comment Ben made! So funny!

ben and erin said...

yeah, ashley, i kept laughing about that. he definitely wanted to make my blog despite his comment that would suggest otherwise!