Wednesday, March 4, 2009

never a wordless wednesday...

...with samantha around. here's some of the cute things she's said recently.

handicap - a convenient cover made out of aluminum foil. "mom, thanks for making this handicap for my yogurt!"

likewisely - i guess it's a much smarter way to say likewise.

deuteromians (doo-ter-rom-eee-anz) - what you say when you don't remember how to say deuteronomy.

ashleigh wednesday - apparently the first day of lent, also known as ash wednesday. (i guess samantha's nana was telling her about this because we're not 'lenters' around here and know nothing about it.) so last week when samantha asked me "mom, it's ashleigh wednesday today, right?" i had to laugh.

"BURRRRRR I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!!" - not your common brr statement or your usual i-have-to -go-to-the-bathroom phrase, but you know how babies shiver when they pee? well apparently samantha got a shiver and realized she had to go to the bathroom. now. she made it, by the way! ;-)

while giving the kids a bath.... "mom, look how i do a cartwheel in the tub." ahhhh! thankfully i stopped her before she attempted that!

and it's not only talking that comes out of her mouth. she also loves to sing and make up songs. i caught her on video the other day, without her knowing. i don't know which song i like the best, so i'm gonna upload them all for your enjoyment! i've also written down the lyrics in case you don't understand them. :-)

Jesus always loves me

I love you Jesus

Ooh ooh oooh....

Ooh ooh ooooooh....

Aah aah aaaahhh....

Aah aah aaaahhh...

He provides us food

So we're so thankful

But He has a reward

For us called Heaven.

Yeah yeah yeah..

Yeah yeah...

God of mercy

I love him

Because his Son died on the cross.

God loves me.

I love him.


Sometimes we get scared

But Jesus is always with us.

But sometimes we get scared

We call Jesus with us oh

Oohhhhhhhh oohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh.


I love you Jesus oh yeah

You don't like it when I sin

But you like it when I obey.


Heather said...

You go, Samantha! Remember I want part of the royalties from your first CD. Or at least a signed copy. I could be your manager!

wv: shing

Samantha, you shing beautifully!

A day in the Life... said...

WOW I have to say that Baylee sang a VERY VERY similar song to that this week while I was in the van! Crazy.. Her's did include phrases such as Jesus we love you, Jesus we forgive you.. LOL I didn't ask why she needed to forgive Jesus ;)

WTG Samantha!

Ashley said...

I love the handicap one... that is so cute. I love the funny things kids say. I was just talking to my friend who has a 7 month old and telling her that I love when kids get to that age where they make up funny words. It is probably my favorite age with kids.

I haven't listened to the videos yet because I am watching American Idol while I read blogs but I will definitely back to listen to those.

ben and erin said...

katie that's so funny... Jesus we forgive you! i would've loved to hear her explanation!

Ashley said...

I have a little something for you over on my blog - go check it out!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness those were all sooooo cute! =)

ben and erin said...

i still can't watch them with a straight face!