Thursday, February 26, 2009

thankful thursday

on monday i took ryan to children's mercy to get his hips x-rayed, as requested by his doctor on our last visit. because he's not walking yet, she wanted to make sure he doesn't have hip dysplasia, which is a deformation or misalignment of the hip joint.

thankfully i was able to walk into the clinic and get it done without having an appointment. unfortunately, i went right during his nap time. so needless to say he wasn't very happy with me or the technician who was getting him all lined up correctly on the table. after about 3 minutes the x-rays were done, then it was down the hall to get his blood drawn to check his lead levels. i figured we might as well kill two birds with one stone* if he wasn't gonna be happy anyway!

he disliked the phlebotomist even more than the radiologist. (and yes, i knew what a phlebotomist was and didn't have to look it up!) i had to bear hug ryan so he wouldn't squirm when she was drawing his blood, and boy was he strong! it didn't take too long, but by the time she got done ryan had been crying so hard that he was having little crying spasms. you know the kind - when you've been crying so long and so hard that you can't stop? and then when you've almost stopped crying it all starts up again?! so the lady reached out in the hall, grabbed something and shoved it into my hand and said "here, he can take this home."

i waited until i got to the car to check out what this something was. it was scary and cute all at the same time, and i definitely knew it was blog-worthy! i can just picture a little old lady making this or some school kids sewing these in home-ec for the sick little kids that practically live at children's mercy hospital.

anyway, today i am thankful for the call i got today about ryan's x-rays - his hips are normal - yea! i'm thankful that he won't have to have any therapy, and i'm thankful that our trips to children's mercy usually aren't bad enough to receive an amish smurf-like gingerbread boy-looking doll!

what are you thankful for today?!

*no birds were harmed in the making of this post. :-)


matt bre carter and cooper said...

I am thankful for your blog. You crack me up every time I read it!!

Good to hear the x-rays came back normal.

maybe you could teach Samantha how to sew, and sew some buttons onto that creature to make it look semi-normal? (yeah Home Ec credits!)

ben and erin said...

thanks breanna! :-)

i love the suggestion about home ec for samantha. not a bad idea!

Ashley said...

love your blog and glad ryan's test came back normal.

i actually used to help make something similar when i was a teenager. it was MUCH cuter and i did it as a volunteer for an organization that supported the local children's hospital. this post just reminded me of that. i know my mom took tons of pictures.. ill have to see if i can get one from her and post it.

ben and erin said...

i'd love to see a picture ashley! i was actually thinking that in all of my spare time it would be fun to make stuff for the kids. goodness i have enough material in my house that i could make a LOT of stuff!