Saturday, February 28, 2009

8/52 photo challenge

one for the road. that is, signs, streets, traffic, etc.

i had a good idea for this category, but our 3 inches of snow this morning threw a wrench in my plans...

until we went out and drove in it. what a perfect opportunity to show y'all what happens to the traffic around here when we get a measly 3 inches of snow!

when ben went to the post office this morning, this car had apparently just gone in the ditch since the driver was still in the car.

it must have been a little fender-bender that sent this car into the snow. all i saw was a broken tail light...

...and a 30-day temporary tag in the back window. youch! too bad he was driving a new car!

the category for next week's photo challenge is objects that tell something about you. oh boy, where do i begin?!

have a good weekend and drive safely!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

around this time of year, I am always glad that I live in California and not in a snowy area. It seems like it would be fun sometimes but then I come upon this sort of thing and I am kind of glad.

Great photo challenge!

Next week sounds hard!