Monday, February 16, 2009

not me! monday

happy not me! monday. this blog carnival, which was created by mckmama, is the perfect way to admit to whatever you've done this past week that you'd rather not admit without actually admitting it! (10,000 bonus points to anyone who understood that last sentence!) head on over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week!

here is what i really did not do this past week!

on my birthday, ben did not take me to go see the pink panther 2. and i did not walk out 30 minutes into the movie to get a manager because a lady did not bring in 2 kids under 2 years old and they were not so disruptive that we couldn't even hear parts of the movie. we did not go see the rest of it yesterday. :-)

even with my love of picking scabs and popping pimples (yeah, i know i'm gross), i certainly did not get grossed out by the incredible amounts of earwax i pulled out of samantha's ears. (although it was kinda cool at the same time!) no wonder she couldn't hear! and i did not use a toothpick and tweezers to get it out. and i did not take pictures because it was just too unbelievable.

you learn from your past, right? so that's why i definitely did not forget my memory card for my camera once again while we were out for my birthday. my old age is not affecting my memory at all!
it surely wouldn't have been me who googled 'how to pronounce paraskavedekatriaphobia' just so i could sound smart and call my dad and tell him.

i did not ironically blog about how my husband and i don't do anything or get each other anything for valentines day just a few hours before he brought home flowers for me and my daughter. awwwww....!

i'm always the graceful one, so i did not almost break ben's nose last night while we were dancing around in the kitchen and he was twirling me. my elbo did not meet his nose quite hard...

i wish it wasn't me who find out yesterday that my friend's dad is in the hospital with a bleeding brain aneurysm. please, please, please uplift jessica and tim and her dad in your prayers.


Becky said...

dissappointed you didn't post the pics......

ben and erin said...

did you seriously want to see them?!

Jessica said...

OMGosh, I was just about to ask to see the earwax pics, too! Seriously. I love popping pimples and picking scabs too and I really want to see these earwax pics!!

Ashley said...

I have a strange love of popping pimples too so I know what you mean but where are the pictures?!?

The night after my fiance's first eye surgery, I accidentally punched him in the eye while getting into bed... luckily there was no lasting damage despite the fact that he had JUST had surgery!