Friday, February 6, 2009


...was our high today. it was a beautiful sunny day, so we had a playdate at the park! the only downside was that it was super windy. but i CAN'T complain!

we packed our lunch and met at the park with at least 7 other moms and their kids. samantha had so much fun playing with her friend toni and her sister tori, and ryan had fun playing with his friend isaac.

isaac helped ryan by pushing him down the slide!


cutie pie!

samantha and her friend carter eating lunch.

samantha's friend toni. isn't she cute?!

the only picture i got of samantha playing. she was too busy running around!

now i can't wait for spring!


Nicole said...

71??? WOW! It was 45 here today though which felt like a HEAT WAVE!! I'm still jealous!

ben and erin said...

well when it's 100+ degrees here this summer with 90% humidity, just tell me that it's 80 degrees there!

A day in the Life... said...

wow amazing! I am very jealous