Saturday, February 7, 2009

5/52 photo challenge

it's time for photo of the week! this week's category is sports. thank goodness it can be anything related - equipment, teams, players, etc. i don't know why this category wasn't left for summertime, but i guess that's what makes it a challenge!

i was going to take a picture of samantha this morning at her sparks-o-rama awana olympic practice, but i read the information sheet wrong and practice doesn't start until next saturday. hmmmmm....

so then i had to get creative! i don't play sports, and goodness knows i'll have plenty of pictures of ben playing softball here pretty soon, so i didn't want to take a picture of a bat and ball.

so i decided to go shopping at target and try to get some inspiration. after moseying through the toy department i came to the sporting goods. and there lined up in a big long row were all the bikes. i thought that would be a good picture. after all, that was probably my favorite thing to do growing up. but then it dawned on me. i do have a sport....


well, target clearance shopping, that is!

my equipment... (the cart)

...and two of the best team players!


Ashley said...

I love it.. that is a great "sport" - I would compete in that one! Just seeing the Target cart makes me smile!

photoqueen said...

Ha! I love how Samantha is posing in the second one - adorable!

ben and erin said...

oh goodness... if you could see all her poses! this is one of my favorites: