Monday, January 19, 2009

not me! monday

it's not me! monday again - time for free therapy! it feels so great to admit the things that you've done but would rather not tell... and it's even better to read what others have not done - it makes you feel a little bit more normal! so without further ado, here's what i most certainly, positively, absolutely did NOT do this past week!

i do not leave bags of garbage by the back door for about 5 days before i take them out. and this week i definitely did not learn my lesson when i finally took out the trash...... one of the trash bags did not have vomit in it (from our sickness the week before) and that vomit most assuredly did not leak out the bottom of the bag, leaving me with another pukey mess to clean up.

my teeth are not so bad that i did not chip off half of my molar. and if that really did happen, it was certainly not while i was eating mashed potatoes.

i did not clean up the house (most of which was my husband's mess) while i allowed him to play games on the computer after he said he was going to help "in just a minute." i absolutely do not reinforce negative behavior. :-)

and i did not just minimize my browser when he walked by the computer because i didn't want him to see what i wrote!

my son does not suffer from constipation so much that i literally had to squeeze poop out of him this week. (oh, and please don't tell me to add fiber to his diet, give him apple juice or pear juice or water, feed him fruits and veggies and stay away from dairy. that's all i've heard from my pediatrician for the past year!)

i did not neglect to wash any dishes this week. we are not out of cups, we are not out of forks, and we are not out of spoons (even though we have service for about 28).

i did not buy something with a gift card at office max and then return it to best buy for store credit, therefore transferring my gift card... nope. not me!

your turn... what have you not done?

hop over to mckmama's blog to add your own post or read what other people have not done!


Dawn Hudson said...

ha ha ha about my cat!! By the way good idea with best buy and transfering funds. Good Job!!

lifeduringnaptime said...

laughing at your husband's "in a minute" comment....all guys are the same :)

E said...

Sadly, I find myself NOT using the line "in a minute" with my husband. I would never do that!!! Nope, not me. But he does it too... oops, I mean DOESN'T do it, too.

Man,I'm confusing myself!

Nicole said...

What are you giving him for constipation Erin? Have you tried Maalox?

Nicole said...

I said Maalox but I meant Miralax. :)

Anonymous said...

Mashed potatoes? Oh dear.

I remember a period of constipation for my oldest. It was wild.

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Love your honesty! Happy NMM!

Following Him said...

I am not still doing therapy on Tuesday since I can not get enough of this :) Love the minimizing the screen!