Friday, January 16, 2009


have you ever watched jay leno? we don't usually watch the show, but when we do my favorite part is when he does headlines. if you haven't seen it, it's real headlines, ads, etc., that are so crazy you wonder how they ever made it into print.

so here's my version. while searching for some items on ebay tonight i couldn't help but notice this ad for dermatage on the sidebar:

less wrinkles in only 60 minutes.

seriously? look again at the before and after photo. does it also let you go from 70 to 35?

and i love how they wrote under the photo "simulated imagery. results not typical." really? awww... i thought it was real....

so then my curiosity clicked on the ad just to see what else they'd say on their website.

try the full 1-month supply of dermitage anti-aging system free for 14 days.

huh? how do you try a free full month's supply in 14 days? double dose? because i'm certainly not paying for my free month's supply on day 15...

have you seen anything funny/crazy/weird lately? please share!


Jessica said...

This wasn't lately, but one time when I was working mail and file the postmark had a quote along with the stamp, that was intended to say, "Friends don't let friends drink and drive."

Unfortunatly, the stamp was running out of ink that day and the only part of the stamp that transfered to the letter was,"...drink and drive" hehe

ben and erin said...

lol.. that's so funny!