Wednesday, December 3, 2008

wordless wednesday (with an explanation)

yesterday, while on our most recent christmas tree shopping excursion, i couldn't pass up this wonderful photo opportunity. we pulled into the hobby lobby (craft store) parking lot, parked, i looked up, saw this lovely sight, and said, "hallelujah i have my camera with me!!" and it gets better... after we left we drove around on the other side of the cars (yes, i know there's a truck too, but for now they're both cars) and attached to the front of the grill on each car was a big, red nose. ben wouldn't stop to let me take another picture so you're just gonna have to imagine it.

*no offense to any of you car decorators out there...!*


Heather said...

it doesn't get any more redneck than that!! :) too funny!

Nicole said...

Oh my, that's funny. And to anyone who DOES decorate your car well, you need to find better things to do! LOL

jessica said...

That's awesome!