Monday, October 27, 2008

not me! monday and i need some help!

i totally did NOT scream and freak out last night when i came home after being gone for two weeks and discover that my husband painted the kitchen. don't get me wrong.... this was a good freaking out! what a huge surprise! i still can't believe that he did that for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH HUN!

this morning i did NOT not move all the stuff on the kitchen counter onto the table to take a picture, then move everything back onto the counter to take a picture of the rest of the kitchen. nope, i didn't because my house is always clean, spotless, and there is absolutely no clutter in my kitchen. (although i now realize you can see the clutter at the very right of the picture. but i suppose it's not really clutter since it's laundry waiting to happen.... and it's not in the kitchen, it's behind the kitchen!)

in my moving clutter from the counter to the table, table to the counter, i did NOT discover half of an apple pie from two weeks ago that is now nice and molded and stenchful. yes, it is full of stench! and after i discovered it i did NOT contemplate throwing the whole thing away and buying another $4 pie pan. and it is NOT still sitting on the counter awaiting its fate.

all right... so onto the part where i need your help. i had originally planned to paint the kitchen a light yellow color. i thought it would brighten up the plain white paint, but not be too yellow. that, and we had about 4 gallons of yellow paint that was leftover from a job ben did a few years ago. but then i got to thinking that my cream cabinets would look washed out with a light yellow wall and painting the cabinets was not an option. so i decided i wanted a maroon/red color on the 2 walls with the cabinets. WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NOW! so the other walls (the white walls in the pictures) would be the light yellow. but now after seeing the dark color i'm second guessing the light yellow. i don't know if it will be too light, and i don't know if i should just paint my already small kitchen all red/maroon and make it even smaller! so i need a little color help. my painter husband is in the mood for painting so i gotta take advantage of that when it comes around! can't wait for your input!

the washer, dryer and a small bathroom wraps around behind the stove. so i'd paint that back there too.

the thing underneath the window would GO! actually, i'm pretty certain it will go anyway. it was my attempt at hiding paint buckets and such a few years ago. i think i'll have my dad make a buffet to put there. by the way, dad, if you're reading this, can you make me a buffet?! :-)

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Heather said...

Way to go, Ben! It looks really nice! I think the yellow would look good, if it's not going to be next to the cabinets. The colors might be too close?? Just my opinion. But the dark maroon might make it look really small if you did all the walls that color. Anyway, happy painting. It looks great. (I'd like to know if all the junk is back on the counter?? :)

elizabethnabavi said...

I vote for throwing away the pie is so not worth saving. I NEVER do that with milk filled sippy cups I find a month after it was stuck (or hidden) somewhere. I LOVE to clean out things that smell disgusting! By the way your kitchen looks great. That was so sweet of your husband!

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Hmm.. I think I would go with a tan/brownish color rather than the yellow. :)

Jessica said...

It's nice to see you blogging again!

I am horrible with color schemes... I love the maroon! I would probably not do the yellow. After that, I have no idea. But good luck!

I also think you should throw away the pie pan! $4 is totally worth a new one if that means not cleaning the old one!

Crystal said...

OHHH.. What an awesome hubby you have. That is so sweet, kudos for him.

-Found you on Mckmama's page. Woot