Monday, October 6, 2008

not me! monday

it's monday again! and what a great way to start a week by being totally honest about the previous one! :-) here's what i didn't do last week:

i did NOT go to target for nothing and end up spending $123.28!

i did NOT enjoy the fact that samantha had a fever for couple days. although if i had enjoyed it, it would be because we had to stay home and therefore i got more housecleaning done!

i did NOT make a pan of delicious brownies and have one for breakfast every morning.

i did NOT secretly throw away some of samantha's "stuff" that i didn't want cluttering up the house.

i did NOT start crying while smelling a candle in wal-mart the other night. nope, that would be a little crazy!

i did NOT make samantha babysit ryan in their room while i took a bath the other morning.

and i did NOT put my head under the water so i couldn't hear ryan crying.

time to create your own not me post! hop on over to mckmama's blog to join in the fun and read what everyone else has NOT been doing!


Weeksie50 said...

Brownies for breakfast.. YUMMO.
I can never leave Target without spending way to much..

Vaughn Family Blog said...

I love the Target comment...that's so easy to do!!

Thanks for visiting my blog too--come back often!!

Vaughn Princess

Jennifer said...

I wish we had a target around here.. Great Not me's!

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Target has the same effect on me! I try to stay away, good thing I now live 45 mins. from one!
Candles have yet to make me cry, but many other things do...commercials, movies, books, music, looking at my kids' baby know what I'm saying. ;)

Two Lines On a Stick said...

I love the putting the head under the water to drown out the crying. I can so relate :)

S.L.P said...

Haha! I never have my 6 year old "babysit" so I can shower.

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Yes, still freezing in the midwest...tee hee.

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky to have a Target...all we have is Walmart, and I do that ALL the time there--go for milk and bread and toothpaste and spend $138.57

Kelsey said...

I love Target. I go in there for absolutely no reason and end up spending at least $10...mine has a starbucks in it!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Oh by the way, I totally just got a craving for brownies....yum..

lmashe81 said...

I never spend too much money at target. I always practice restraint from spending too much (I love target!). I never eat brownies for breakfast nope I have never done that either. Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the smiles! :)

Hall Family in MD said...

I love having brownies for breakfast! Thanks for visiting my blog =)

Liz said...

oh - the money pit that is Target - I avoid that place otherwise I would quickly be broke!!

Katey said...

Tarjay is EVIL!! I have never done that either!

Bean's Mama said...

Who would spend that much in Target?? I honestly don't think I've ever spent less than $50 and that was just to run in for some shampoo!!! Loved your Not Me's!!!
Thanks for commenting on my blog

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

The crying at the candle thing is SO something I would NOT EVER do!!!

Loved your did nots!!

The Saras Family said...

brownies fir breakfast...delish!