Thursday, September 11, 2008

my husband must be sick

i can't think of any other explanation. this morning ben cleaned the entire bathroom. at first i thought he was just going to clean the bathtub (for which i would have been so greatful) but then he went on to clean the sink and the toilet. then i heard the vacuum. i thought he was vacuuming the hallway, but no, he was vacuuming off the sides of the little boat shaped shelf that he had taken off the wall. then he cleaned all the trinkets on the shelf. THEN HE SCRUBBED THE FLOOR!!!!!!! i was actually going to get a bucket of water and clean it myself, but he said he would. i was not about to offer twice! haha! so he cleaned the floor and even scrubbed the floor register (which for the last six years we thought had a marbly texture. turns out it was dirt. we didn't even notice when we took it out to put tile on the floor.).

after that he vacuumed the whole house and even did the other registers and air vents. i didn't dare take a picture as i was afraid the flash of the camera might wake him up and snap him out of his cleaning mood! surely he must be sick...

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Heather said...

if every woman could find a gem half as good as yours....well, they'd be lucky! :)