Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how to take a bath (as demonstrated by ryan)

1. make sure the toys taste fresh.

2. get your hair squirted by sissy.

3. swim. and show off that cute little butt.

4. check out the overflow drain.

5. try to get out of the tub after mom lathers your hair.

6. have a goldfish (or nemo) snack.

7. check your reflection.

8. splash!

9. look cute.

10. indian war cry time.

11. more splashing!! and clean the floor at the same time.

12. try to get a drink of tub water.

13. cry because your mean mom got you OUT of the tub.

14. watch sissy get her daddy inspection.

15. pass the daddy inspection! (although if you don't pass, daddy probably won't give you another bath, and mom definately will not!)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I will be sure to follow SOME of these steps next time I take a bath... (not doing the "daddy inspection" part and the "show off your butt" part... that would be wierd haha)