Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my babies are growing up

tonight was a very exciting night for samantha - it was her first time at sparks. i am now so glad that i am going to homeschool her because i could've almost cried when we dropped her off tonight. i can't imagine what i would be like letting her go off to school....!

anyway, sparks is totally different than cubbies. when she started cubbies the parents were supposed to stay the first night so that they could see what the kids do and meet the teachers. but tonight at sparks? nope, just drop your kid off and don't find out who their teachers are!

would she know what to do? would she know what verses she needed to say? would she know how to play the games?

i guess i'm either in denile that she's five or i totally underestimate her. she did just fine tonight and had a lot of fun!

here she was at the start of cubbies last year. doesn't she look thrilled that i'm taking her picture?

my cubbie has turned into a sparkie!

and then there's my other baby who is growing up every day! tonight ryan learned how to "roll 'em." instead of clapping all the way through patty-cake (pat-a-cake, whatever), he now tries to say "roll" and moves his hands up and down while making a fist. now we just have to get him to clap again since all he wants to do now is roll!


Heather said...

Samantha--congratulation on starting Sparks! You're getting so big! Ryan, I can't wait to play pat-a-cake with you! Love and miss you all!
Auntie Rah

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, Erin, your kids are so cute! I love the "roll 'em" story!!

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Crazy that she is is Sparks already! Baylee and Haylen will be going to Cubbies this fall! I am SUPER excited for my time alone with just the little one!