Saturday, April 30, 2011

tyler james

better late than never, i finally have the baby announcements done and ordered! and now... three months later, i introduce my ty babe.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the light baby at the end of the, um, tunnel

so i'm due this sunday, january 23rd and my doctor leaves the state for a week on january 25th. and last week when i went to my appointment, he didn't have any openings to induce me before he leaves. so today i was really looking forward to my appointment, hoping he'd tell me i was at a 6, and that labor was right around the corner.

but no such luck. i'm only dilated to a 2.5-3, and even though the baby has dropped, he's still really high. bummer. i might not meet this baby until february when my doctor gets back.

but then... my OB asks "do you want to be induced?"

"um, YEAH!" i reply.

apparently one of his inductions scheduled for monday was having her baby today. so i will go in sunday night and be induced monday morning the 24th. i will be holding my baby in no more than four days! that is, if everything goes as planned! and of course baby could always decide to come earlier, but at least there's an end in sight for this eager mama!

so in light of this news, the baby birthday contest is officially closed! thanks for all the guesses via the blog and facebook.

next time you see me here, i will announce the winner and introduce the newest little member of our family!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


as of this morning, at 39.5 weeks pregnant, feeling like a beached whale is no longer on my bucket list. mission accomplished.

however, if that's still something you'd like to accomplish in your lifetime, i would be remiss in not sharing my fool-proof theory for fulfilling this huge life achievement. here's what you do:

first: be anywhere from 38-40 weeks pregnant. or, if that's impossible for you, strap a 40 pound bag of flour to your tummy, making sure it's impossible for you to bend and touch your toes.

second: fill a bath tub with about 4 inches of water.

third: hop in the tub. if you've chosen to take the flour route, you may first want to put the flour in some kind of waterproof bag as to avoid a very pasty mess!

fourth: lay down in the tub.

fifth: try to sit back up.

when you FINALLY make it out of the tub, go find that bucket list and cross off 'feel like a beached whale.' because if your experience was anything like mine, i'm pretty darn sure you've succeeded!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

[the waiting] game's ON!

remember this little guy?

well, he's not so little anymore. he's i'm actually quite big, and ready for my little love to make his grand entrance into the world. not due until january 23rd, i still have one week to go. BUT... it really could be any day! right now it's just a matter of waiting.

photograph © heather lutterman

so while i have to sit here and wait, i decided we might as well have some fun—time for a contest!!

here's what you do: guess the date and time baby boy will be born. example, january 15th, 11:22pm. yes, i'm being quite optimistic and unrealistic in my guess!

rules: 1. one guess per person.
2. make sure i have a way to contact you (email, facebook, etc).
3. and fianlly, you may NOT guess that the baby will be born anytime after january 29th. sorry, i absolutely refuse to even think about being a week overdue!

whoever guesses closest to the baby's birthdate will win bragging rights. and, of course, a little something else! good luck!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday, September 20, 2010

it's a...


a sweet, small, snuggly, stubborn, smiling, thumb-sucking, stolen-my-heart.....


(looking up from the bottom, you see his butt and legs—with 100% boy in the middle!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hickory dickory dock

the scene: me, on the phone casually chatting with my sister in law.

the location: my living room, sitting in my chair next to the bookshelf.

the time: 3 o'clock this afternoon, before ben got home from work.

and.... ACTION!

*chat chat chat, blah blah blah...*

me: can you hang on for a sec?

SIL: sure

*i'm quite, listening intently to hear another scratch scratch scratch. i hear it*

me: that's weird... the other day ben heard scratching behind my chair, so he looked to see if it was a mouse but didn't find anything. but now i'm hearing scratching and like a chewing sound. but it sounds like it's coming from underneath the bookshelf (which sits about 2-3 inches off the floor). i knocked on the side of the bookshelf but i still hear it.

SIL: maybe it's something outside.

me: no, it would be 3 feet underground where it's scratching.

SIL: maybe it's in the wall.

me: no, how could it get in? the outside is brick...

SIL: go get a flashlight and look under there and see if there's anything.

me: NO WAY!! what if i SEE something?!

SIL: well then go get some traps and set them under there. i'll stay on the phone with you and when you're done you can get some ice cream.

me: ok....

*getting the traps out. 2 glue, 2 snap traps. i smother them with peanut butter...*

me: hey, i'm sorry in advance if i cuss if these traps accidentally snap and freak me out.

SIL: wow! you cuss?

me, laughing: NO!!

*i carefully set them, then go scope out the bookshelf. not wanting to the mouse escape, i decide to blockade the entire perimeter of the bottom of the bookshelf (except for one side) with books. i set a glue trap on one end, another at the front of the bookshelf, and then go to set the snap trap in there. i gently put it down on the floor, slowly start sliding it under the bookshelf when this thought occurs to me: what if the mouse smells the peanut butter on the trap and comes get it while i'm sliding the trap under there?! i decided to run it past sis.*

me: hey, what if the mouse smells the peanut butter and comes and gets it while i'm...



SIL, laughing: what? did it snap? i don't think i've EVER heard you scream like that!!

*trying to catch my breath and stick my heart back in my chest.*


SIL, still laughing: go get a flashlight and see if you caught it.

me: NO WAY!!! ben can do that when he gets home. there's NO WAY i'm gonna look.... oh my goodness—what if it would've smelled the peanut butter on my HAND when i put the glue traps under there and it came and got ME?!?!!!

*i blockade the rest of the bookshelf so that nothing can get out, finish my conversation, totally avoid that area of the living room, and call ben to tell him the story (meanwhile freaking out all over again) and tell him that HE has to look when he gets home.*

ben comes home and pulls my chair out from the wall so he can get a good look, and sure enough, scratch scratch scratch. i start to freak out thinking there's a whole family under there, when ben says, "it's in the wall."

me: what?! how could it get in the wall? and what did i catch?!

ben: did you put the trap under there really carefully?

me: YES! oh...unless it caught on one of the wires.

*ben pulls back the books, shines the flashlight on the trap all to discover that i caught....


all that freaking out, screaming, elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, and practically peeing my pants for nothing.*

well, one good thing, at least we don't have a mouse in the house!

Monday, August 23, 2010

walmart rant

dear lazy and impatient walmart* parking lot drivers:

when i exit walmart* and push the cart to my car, please don't sit there waiting for me and holding up traffic just so that you can have my space. do you not realize that i have a full cart of stuff to unload, a toddler to get in a carseat, and a cart to push back to the cart corral? really, you're not gonna make me go any faster. on the contrary, i will go slower just to prove a point (whatever that may be). seriously, just take the empty space two spots down. do you really think my parking spot that is over halfway to the end of the parking lot is gonna be any better? no—you're still gonna have to walk!!

pregnant and irritated

*while such happenings have occurred many times at walmart, i do not exclude the possibility of this scenario taking place at any other store. and in no way do i blame walmart for the rudeness of their customers, as i myself am rude in purposely making them wait longer!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the details

a little over a month ago, i surprised y'all with this news. then life happened, and i haven't blogged much since.

so here are the details—without, ahem, the details. you're welcome...

i am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow, due january 23, 2011.

no, i haven't been to the doctor yet. i procrastinate like that. (no, really, i called for an appointment back in june, got very confused by the receptionist's directions; called in july, couldn't make an appointment then; called the beginning of august when we got back from vacation, and FINALLY got an appointment. for september 8th!)

yes, i have felt the baby move. about a week and a half ago i really started feeling movement. and yes, baby has already kicked at ryan, who was slapping my stomach one day. i hope this isn't a preview of the conflict to come with these two!

yes, we hope to find out the sex of this baby. we were surprised with samantha and ryan, which made labor & delivery so exciting (for lack of a better word)! but finding out with this one will help us plan a little bit better. and it will eliminate half of the headache of picking out names with my husband...

and finally, i have been feeling wonderful with this pregnancy. i've hardly had any sickness, just lack of energy (which i'm starting to get back!).

well i think i got the questions answered... more details to come as we find out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

deep thoughts

if public restrooms have toilets with automatic flushers, automatic faucets and soap dispensers, and hands-free dryers or paper towel dispensers,

then why oh why don't they have automatic doors? all those automated hands-free contraptions are a complete waste if you have to contaminate* your hands by opening up the door, right?!

*i am in no way a germaphobe. i really don't care if i have to flush with my hand, turn on a faucet, or open the door. i just don't get the purpose of  automatic everything if you have to open the door. 

what are your deep thoughts today?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wordless wednesday—minnesota style

from this...

to this...

(and yes, those little yellow lines are supposed to look like a heavenly light coming from the 20+ degree cooler forcast!)

*images from

Thursday, July 15, 2010

this boy

is a big boy now. he said goodbye to binkie and chewy (his lovey) at the same time he moved into a big boy bed. my baby is growing up. *sniff* now if we could just get him out of diapers...

is enthralled with trains. and has been known to play with them for days* at a time.
*you know, with a night's rest inbetween!

is usually half dressed.

suddenly found a love for broccoli.

has picked up on the phrase "dang it." i don't know where or how, but he says it—and uses it right. but the funny part about this is that he pronounces it "dune it." so when he gets frustrated and says "UGH!! DUNE IT!" it's extremely hard to keep a straight face while we tell him that he doesn't need to say that.

can count to 17. or somewhere around there.

loves ketchup. and chicken nuggets.

has had no seizures in over 8 months!! (praise the Lord and knock on wood!) we will have an appointment with his neurologist sometime this fall to figure out our plan of action. or non-action!

has no problem singing the B-I-B-L-E at the top of his lungs in the middle of target.

likes to shake his booty.

will lick anything and everything. including the hood of my car. right on the bird poop.

is still pretty much helpless when it comes to using his right hand.

loves milk.

has some gorgeous blue eyes. which may or may not get him out of trouble every now and then.

does not grasp the concept of a baby brother or sister.

likes to sit on the potty and pretend to be a "towdowl" (turtle) by pulling the lid forward until it's resting on his back.

can have quite the attitude at times.

became a 3 year old today!!

happy birthday ryry! i love you!!!