Thursday, July 15, 2010

this boy

is a big boy now. he said goodbye to binkie and chewy (his lovey) at the same time he moved into a big boy bed. my baby is growing up. *sniff* now if we could just get him out of diapers...

is enthralled with trains. and has been known to play with them for days* at a time.
*you know, with a night's rest inbetween!

is usually half dressed.

suddenly found a love for broccoli.

has picked up on the phrase "dang it." i don't know where or how, but he says it—and uses it right. but the funny part about this is that he pronounces it "dune it." so when he gets frustrated and says "UGH!! DUNE IT!" it's extremely hard to keep a straight face while we tell him that he doesn't need to say that.

can count to 17. or somewhere around there.

loves ketchup. and chicken nuggets.

has had no seizures in over 8 months!! (praise the Lord and knock on wood!) we will have an appointment with his neurologist sometime this fall to figure out our plan of action. or non-action!

has no problem singing the B-I-B-L-E at the top of his lungs in the middle of target.

likes to shake his booty.

will lick anything and everything. including the hood of my car. right on the bird poop.

is still pretty much helpless when it comes to using his right hand.

loves milk.

has some gorgeous blue eyes. which may or may not get him out of trouble every now and then.

does not grasp the concept of a baby brother or sister.

likes to sit on the potty and pretend to be a "towdowl" (turtle) by pulling the lid forward until it's resting on his back.

can have quite the attitude at times.

became a 3 year old today!!

happy birthday ryry! i love you!!!


Ace said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Ryan! What a big boy!
Just try not to lick any more bird poop, k?

Heather said...

so glad I got to share the day with you, Ryry!! Happy birthday, Big Boy!!

Amanda B. said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! I remember praying for you right after you were born and seeing pictures of you with the cool sunglasses when you were under the billy lights!

Logan does the same thing with the back of the toilet seat and pretends to be a turtle! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

Jess said...

What a wonderful post about your adorable son! Happy Birthday Ryan!

Jess(ica) said...

He's adorable! I especially like the part about him loving to shake his booty! LOL!

Kelly Harris said...

aw, he is so precious!! i'm still giggling about the "turtle" part! too funny!

Nicole said...

What a cutie! So thrilled to hear he hasn't had any seizures in so long, that's awesome!!! Happy Birthday!

A day in the Life... said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!