Friday, May 7, 2010

i was in a coma for a month

that, or april was never here. i remember march 31st—i had just enjoyed an awesome 4 day visit with my sister and her family. i went to bed that night and awoke on may 1st. i had somehow managed to skip a whole month of my life. (now before y'all freak out, i really wasn't in a coma! my health has not been compromised in any way for the making of this blog post!)

april never came for me this year. well, at least not for my blog.

because if there had an april this year, i imagine it would've looked something like this: 

my sister would come for a visit over easter, and we'd stay up till the wee hours of the morning watching episodes of the office.

my nephew would come home for a visit. 

i'd get to see my totally cute auntie alice in wonderland (you made it on the blog, al!)

i would've gone to minnesota for a week to see my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew, and grandma and grandpa.

my husband's car would get broken into.

i'd let the kids pick rocks at lake superior.

i'd labor over doing my taxes at the last minute, then decide to procrastinate on them and play farmville.... 

my nieces would make their acting debut.

my garden would get planted.
samantha would crack her head open right before bedtime and we'd spend the next hour and a half holding a cold washcloth to her head and google "when does my child need stiches."

we'd have a garage sale.

i would have waited in line forever with the kids to meet spiderman.

but none of that happened. you know, because april was awol. not to worry though. i've reported it to the department of Months & Years that Spontaneously Escape, Leave, and Fade into thin air (MYSELF!) and this fiasco should not occur again.... i hope.

so. how was everyone else's month?!


di said...

love it!!!

Nicole said...

Looks like a fun filled month!!

Aunt of 14 said...

Yikes, you had a CRAZY month!!! I'm not saying APRIL though, I'm just saying month! :)

Looks like you guys did a lot!!

Heather said...

okay, the MYSELF comment sounds like something I would totally do! Hilarious! I think when we get together for any length of time, we get blog lazy, don't we?? :)

Ace said...

I'm just happy you found May and are back!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

With the exception of the break-in and head-bashing (really? a picture of that?!), sounds like your April, had it occurred, was pretty great!

I just wish I'd seen you that whole month!!!!