Tuesday, March 2, 2010

imaginative inquisition

the setting: this morning. quik trip gas station. walking around inside with samantha, amongst other patrons...

the conversation:

sam (loudly, for all to hear): mom, what would happen to me if you got arrested right now?

me: well, the nice policeman would take you for a ride in his car and bring you to daddy or nana or your auntie.

sam: i'd say 'oh mommy i'm so sorry you have to be arrested right now.'

me: well, that's why i try to obey the laws and do what's right so that i won't get arrested.

sam (cheerfully): oh! well at least i'd finally be able to see what the inside of a jail looks like!!

me: *in shock, mouth gaping, bewildered look on my face*

the reality: no, i do not have a warrent out for my arrest. just a REALLY creatively curious daughter!

has anything like that happened to you? do your kids ask you crazy random questions?! do tell!!


Heather said...

wow, when the good Lord made her, I think He put a little extra something in her brain. :)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

That girl cracks me up! She keeps you on your toes, doesn't she?!

Nicole said...

LOL, that's great! Kaydence asks me things all the time, can't think of anything specific right now but if I do think of something I'll comment later! :)

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i agree with Heather! she does have a little something extra... i love your stories about the silly/crazy/shocking things that come out of her mouth! she is a creative one!

Ace said...

Ha! No, not as many questions like that since mine are older but mine still have no tact. "Mommy, look! That guy's butt crack is hanging out!" loud enough for all to hear. Kids are so embarrassing!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

well, ELijah does, all the time. I can't even keep track any longer. Asher? He tells me he is putting me in time out in a snowbank.

Oh, wait- Elijah asked for plutonium and titanium the other day to make a plane that breaks the sound barrier.
In the next sentence he wondered whether he could get a waiver from the local police, so that he wouldn't be arrested for doing so.

Keri McGinnis said...

Maybe you need to go on a little "field trip" for school and visit a jail. I'm sure they'd be happy to show Samantha the pretty little cells bad guys have to stay in. :)

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