Thursday, February 4, 2010

the scene of the crime: target

the offense: passing up a ridiculously cute, cheap pair of hot pink converse shoes.

the offender: me

yep... that's right. on monday i went to target. i had my kids with me. and my soon to be 5-year-old niece. i had time to kill before i was supposed to drop her off at my mother-in-law's house, so to target we went. i had to get ryan's medicine refilled, so as we waited for the prescription we wandered around target, each member of our posse hanging on to the cart, and touching nothing. we meandered through electronics, housewares, toys, and finally arrived at the shoes. there, before my eyes, was a whole aisle of clearanced shoes. i carefully looked them over, waiting for a pair to jump into my cart and demand that i buy them.

and then i saw them.

converse. hot pink. 75% off.

i flipped over the price tag. $4.98


i looked at the size. girl's 2.

ugh... i wear anything from a woman's 7.5 to a 9, depending on the shoe, unlike my sister who can fit into both women's and girl's shoes. i searched through the shoes anyway, just hoping there might be a pair that would fit. and then i found them. girl's size 5.5.

i tried them on. they fit! but for some reason i was deliberating if i should buy them, when suddenly samantha piped up and said, "MOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!" (no, not oo as in moon, but a long, drawn out, said-with-an-attitude 'MOM') "WHY are you trying THOSE sneakers on?! you're NOT even a TEENAGER anymore!!!"

i took them off, put them back on the shelf, got ry's prescription, walked out the door, and drove away. (you know, after putting the kids in the car...)

* * *

back at home i tweeted my offense. i knew ashley would yell at me, but i didn't think everyone would! i guess it was evident that i WAS out of my mind.

it didn't take much to convince me that i needed to go back and buy the shoes, so the next morning we ventured out to target again. i grabbed a cart and headed straight for the shoes. after a minute of thinking they were gone, i saw them. i snatched them up and stuck them in my cart. and all wrongs were made right...

yes, ryan is kissing my shoes. i may or may not have thought of doing the same thing...

moral of the story? and i have the bestest friends! even when i mess up, they're right there to set me straight. that is, after they threaten to not be my friend, and don't want to look at me for 3 months!

oh, and don't pass up a cute five dollar pair of shoes!


Heather said...

i may be only a sister and not a bestest friend, but i do think you made a good choice... although, i don't think i would have avoided talking to you for months on end if you hadn't bought these beauties! :) very cute!

Ace said...

Those are the cutest! Ok, I have errands to run tomorrow and I'm so going to Target to see if we have any here!

Keri McGinnis said...

Love em! Katie and Owen have been sporting Converse shoes since they've been walking and trust me, it's been very tempting many a time to not buy matching mommy/daughter pink Converse shoes. Maybe I have an excuse now! My friend Erin has some! :)

A day in the Life... said...

lol those are awesome!

Alicia said...

I love those! Too cute! Great deal too!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i am so very proud of you!! I would never have stopped being your friend (hey i married a guy that i can't even get to try on converse!) but i have to say i am glad you made the right decision ;) hehe

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Erin? I've never been as proud of you as I am now.

Amber Page Writes said...

Those shoes are adorable. Go you for buying them! The only problem? I want some now!