Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's like getting behind on your bills

that's how i've felt the past three weeks. first you miss one payment, then decide just to wait to pay it with next month's, and something comes up and you need the extra money for new tires or something, then you start hiding the bills so that you won't have to see them, with the hope that they'll go away...

i'm sure all of us have experienced at least something remotely close to that. and no, i'm not behind on our bills right now. but rather my BLOG, and blog reading. (i'll get caught up on everyone's blogs, i promise! i just may not comment on every post!) really i had something half written to post on january 1st, and then that obviously didn't happen, and about 5 different things to post after that. but the more i went without posting something on my blog, the more i wanted to avoid it altogether.

so here's my mass payment ramblings from the last month that have piled up in my head:

Christmas was great! i actually hope to post something on that later. (yeah, we'll just see how that plan turns out...) i learned some things this Christmas though. to name a few...

my 6 year old daughter can still wear size 4T snow pants. albeit they were a tad short, but they worked!

ryan would be satisfied with a train, a car, and an airplane for Christmas.

it's the little things that are special—a spontaneous slow dance to silent night with my husband and children, my 2 year old boy singing sentimental Christmas songs at the top of his lungs, and a homemade, hand-written, heart-shaped note from my daughter that said "i love you SO much mom."

our family does not need 10+ dozen Christmas cookies. case in point—we still have over half of them left.

spaghetti noodles can be mistaken for oral stitches, and vice versa.

i went to MN for 10 days to celebrate Christmas with my family, see my alaska gramma, and met my new grandpa! he had open heart surgery last friday and is still sedated, but getting better. thank you all for your continued prayers for him and my gramma!

my house is a complete and utter disaster. it's like getting behind on blogging—i don't know where to start. hence, i'm blogging today. yeppers, i'm making myself blog right now just so that i can procrastinate on housecleaning. it's a vicious cycle. but hey, at least my suitcase is put away and all the laundry from our trip is done!

i did something really stupid but funny the other night that deserves a post of its own. but just as a teaser, it involves me cooking mounds of food this weekend. let's hope that i don't burn down my house in the process!

samantha got me the perfect brownie pan for Christmas. it was actually very cute, because i knew that's what she was going to get for me. and when the infomercial would come on she would hint around and say, "don't you wish you had one of those, mom?!" and when we were in target one day and i was looking at a bar pan she said sternly, "mom, you don't need to get any pans for brownies or desserts because we have some at home, and maybe you'll get one for Christmas, OKAY?!" all that to say, i love my perfect brownie pan. i hope to write a review with the pros and cons, but you know how i am—in case it doesn't get blogged about, i'll tell you right now that i'd recommend it.

ryan is doing really good. he hasn't had any seizures since the last time i missed giving him his medicine. he is starting to use the right side of his body more, and is getting better at standing up and maneuvering the stairs. and he is definitely developing a mouth like his sister's—loud and never ending!

and now, i feel just a slight bit caught up. see y'all in another 22 days...!


Jess(ica) said...

Thanks for the updates! I was beginning to get worried since you weren't bloggin! Usually you post something almost every day! =)

Ace said...

Hey, whatshername is back! lol, just kidding! I've missed you so much!

A day in the Life... said...

I am glad you had a good Christmas! Nice to see you again!

Heather said...

well, i know something that was in your laundry pile that didn't get washed....

maybe ryry will practice his "right hook" so he can stand up to micah next time they're together. no really, i think they did pretty well together.

sam... "you might get one of those for Christmas"... sounds like something your mom said when she was little. "mom, we didn't buy you a cake." :)

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i'm sorry... who are you and why are in my google reader?!?! haha just kidding! missed you friend!

hope its not another 22 days before we hear from you again!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I'm glad you're back! And I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I agree. i am glad you are back though!!
My mom bought one of those brownie pans, and i want one too! take some pics of what you make with it for us to see.