Sunday, December 6, 2009

i'd rather talk than breathe

our household has been stricken with colds this week.

and there are two phases that always come with my colds. the sore throat, and the stuffy head/nose.

i could never figure out which was worse—the burning throat that hurts so bad every time you swallowed it feels like a baseball is going down your throat, or the stuffy nose and head that feels like it's gonna explode every time you breathe.

but this week when my throat hurt so bad i could barely talk, i realized that i would much rather be able to talk than breathe!

and i'm sure my family would rather have it that way too... right, family?



what's your most annoying sickness symptom?!
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Ace said...

Yeah, I think I'd rather be stuffy. I hate swallowing when it feels like razor blades!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh heck, when I can't talk? It is terrible!! I do get it at the beginning of every year and hate it. Some of us just NEED to express ourselves, right?

Alicia said...

I want to be able to breathe! I am asthmatic so I want to breathe! I hope you all are feeling better!

Jess(ica) said...

I'd rather be stuffed up than have a sore throat too. But worse than either of those, I hate body aches that make you super tired.

Amy said...

I don't like all of what you stated, but my worst symptom is not being able to hear 100%.....which happens every time when I get a cold. I hope you guys get to feeling better!
Love yaz,

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Well, with my allergies, I'm stuffy about half my life anyway. So I'm pretty much used to it.

Plus, when I was a senior in high school, I had mono. Or something. I was sick almost the whole year, and every time I'd go to the doctor, he'd say, "Next time we'll test you for mono." Whatev. The point is that I knew the sickness was coming back when I'd wake up and feel that horrible pain in my throat. And so now, every time I have a sore throat, I flash back to that Year of Sick. And I'm sad. And scared. And annoyed. And, well, this may go without saying, grumpy.

I hope YOU feel better SOON!! We missed you guys last night!