Thursday, July 16, 2009

i ♥ camping

in honor of our glorious 6 day camping vacation, i have a question for today.

what kind of a camper are you? tent? pop up camper? rv? hotel?!

and what is your best (or worst!) camping memory/experience?

i'll be back with my answer next week!


Alicia said...

I would love to be a tent person but would much rather a camper!

Ace said...

I'm a hotel camper. I don't do outdoors. Ever. I hate the heat, the bugs and places that don't involve either my own bed or a big soft hotel bed!

Sonya said...

RV all the way!! that is the only way to "camp" My dad has an RV and we only go with him. I am not a bug kind of person so I would rather not sleep in a tent.

I think the funniest thing ever is that Brian will not go to the bathroom in the camper. He would rather walk around looking for a port a pottie instead!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

1) I am a hotel camper
2) With a pool, preferably
3) With an attached restaurant
4) Sauna and workout room are nice

Nope, no camping here. I swore it off after camping with our friends in a PINE TREE kingdom, where the only sites were filled with pine needles and on hills. Awesome combination.

A day in the Life... said...

We just bought a pop up truck camper and I love it.

Ashley said...

I've only ever gone camping in a tent so I guess thats my answer.

Last time we went camping, we had two tents, the one for my parents and the one for greg and i and my sister. We were all in the tent one afternoon resting and then got up to play a game and just a minute or two after we got up, the tree that the tent was set up under, broke. A HUGE limb broke off and fell on our tent right on my sisters bed... where she had just been laying.

We all thought it was pretty funny until we realized how close a call it was. Plus it wasn't our tent and it had done some damage to the exterior.

I have other camping stories about camping with 3 friends but this is already long as it is. :)

Hope you're having fun!