Friday, June 26, 2009

blogging begins with toothless grins

for the last few months samantha has been asking me for her own blog. i told her she could practice on mine a few times before i let her have her own.

so today, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time, i am proud to introduce samantha, who is here to share some exciting news!


this is samantha. yesterday i lost my first tooth. and dad used pliers and then my tooth fell out.

this is my tooth.

the tooth fairy got me two five dollars.


i think she has a future in blogging, no?!

i wish she could put into words just how happy she was last night. her tooth was really lose yesterday, but not quite ready to pop out just yet. until we went to subway last night. she took a bite into her sub and...

"OUCH! mom, my tooth hurts."

so i ended up cutting her sub into little ryan-sized bites and she was able to eat her dinner. ben told her that he'd pull her tooth with pliers at home and she was fine with that. i told her that her gums might bleed a little bit, and then she was worried!

when we got home daddy had the brilliant idea to let her eat a popsicle first to numb her gums. and then POP! he pulled it out. and samantha was THRILLED!! she has been waiting for this for sooooo long!

then came all the questions about the tooth fairy. will the tooth fairy take my tooth? can i keep it? it is a boy or girl? how does the tooth fairy know what house to go to?! does it come through the window? maybe it's waterproof and comes through the pipes!

so right before bedtime samantha wrote this note, shoved it and her tooth in her tooth fairy box, and hid it under her pillow.

as i tucked her into bed she asked me ever so sweetly if she could have the video camera in bed with her. her plans were to stay awake for as long as she could, or try to wake up so that she could take a picture of the tooth fairy. of course i obliged!

i kissed her goodnight, snuggled the video camera in by her bear, and then i was off to play tooth fairy i went to bed and apparently the tooth fairy came in the night!

samantha awoke this morning excited to find $10 (the going rate for first-time tooth loss. i think the next tooth will only earn a dollar.) and a note from the tooth fairy. she was excited to find out that ms. tooth fairy is in fact a girl, and she was so grateful that she got to keep her tooth!


Heather said...

samantha, YAY for you! first tooth out. isn't blogging fun? are you gonna blog about your birthday?

Alicia said...

Great job blogging Samantha! Congrats on loosing your first tooth!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Good grief! $10 for one tooth? Samantha, you've got a sweet deal going on!! :) Anyway, congrats on your first blog post AND your first lost tooth. What a day!

Kelly Harris said...

LOVE the guest-blogger! she's adorable! and such a great tooth fairy story- so glad she got to keep her tooth AND get money! love it!! That first tooth sure is special...I think Amy got $8 for hers! Glad we aren't the only ones with a generous first-tooth tooth fairy!

Ace said...

$10?! I'll pull my adult teeth and come live with you if I'd get $10 each!

We pay $1 each and with 3 kids close in age, there was a time a couple years ago that I was going to the bank for cash all the time for teeth! I'm glad it's slowed down.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Samantha, that is AWESOME! I remember when I lost my first tooth... it's a big occasion! Congratulations. And I loved your blog post. GREAT JOB!

Ashley said...

Samantha, great first post girly! can't wait to read more from you!