Sunday, April 26, 2009


after reading sara's post about ads, i figured it was time for another headlines post. you know, real headlines, ads, etc.,* that are so crazy you wonder how they ever made it into print.

last week when my sister becky came for a visit she brought us all tacky gifts (here's her story on our tacky gifts). she brought me a something (i'm not really sure what it is, but it is definitely blog worthy. i'll be posting about it later sometime). she brought heather the sunglasses that ryan was wearing, and she brought my mom a lapel pin that says "mom."

so can you see why this made my headlines?

look in the top right corner...


pah-lease people!! what EIGHT year old is a MOM?!?

so what crazy, weird, absurd headlines* have you seen lately?

*can be anything - from a newspaper headline to a misprinted cereal box to a commercial on tv!


Alicia said...

Ha ha! that is funny!

Ashley said...

lol thats awesome!

A day in the Life... said...


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Well, my BIL and his gf are going to be parents at 15/16, so maybe I could order her one? YOu gave me an awesome idea for a contest!! Thank you!!

Ace said...

My brother in law sent us a clip from his local paper a couple months ago. It was an ad to get married in a pizza place there for $55 and the pizza was free!