Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the eyes have it

today samantha had her yearly eye exam. which, when i say yearly, i mean third. she was born with minute cataracts in both eyes (which the opthemologist couldn't see until i showed him), so we had them checked out when she was a couple months old. he said they would most likely never affect her vision, but to have her checked every year. we didn't go back until last year when she was 4 and a half!

at our last visit to the pediatrician they said she was a little farsighted, so today we had that checked out along with her cataracts.

her appointement went well, except for the part where she had to have her eyes dilated. she didn't like the eye drops very well, which you can see from the picture! but she read all the letters great and her vision is just fine! her cataracts have not changed at all and will probably never be a problem for her. and her farsightedness is normal for a child her age. YEA!

samantha had to wear these lovely glasses for a 3-d test so i couldn't resist this great photo opportunity and a totally blog-worthy picture. especially after i took the picture and samantha said, "mom, please don't put that on your blog!"

sorry sweetie, i had to! :-)


Heather said...

great pictures! yes, you don't look very happy with the drops in, but the glasses are sooooo cool!

wv: scensits
Samantha, take care of your eyes. Seeing is one of your "scensits."

Ashley said...

love that she commented about your blog - that is hilarious!

A day in the Life... said...

I am glad she had a good appt!

Ace said...

So are you telling me that I paid for glasses for Princess because she's far sighted and that's NORMAL??? Well, she's 8 years old and maybe she did really need them, but I feel slightly betrayed by Perle Vision now.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, poor Samantha! :) Glad her vision is okay!

matt bre carter and cooper said...

Glad to hear that everything went fine!
P.S. I used to work with that lady (tracy) What Dr. does she work at now?

Keep up the good work Samantha! ;)

ben and erin said...

ace, he said that her amount of farsightedness was normal. don't go postal on perle vision! :-)

breanna, that's so weird that you used to work with her! we went to children's mercy north to see dr. olitsky. i don't know if she works just for him because there's other optometrists there too.

Jessica said...

I think the glasses are super cool too! Samantha pulls of "cute" in any picture!