Friday, February 13, 2009

drumroll please...

the contests have come to a close!

with her guess of 10:43 am for my time of birth, photoqueen wins the mary kay eye set! my actual time of birth was 11:03 am. great guess, photo!

and to pick the winner for the fireproof dvd, i put all your names into a bowl and let ben draw the winner. here's the proof!

congratulations winners! and happy lucky friday 13th!


photoqueen said...

Cool! Thanks! ;)

Jessica said...

As in me? Saweet! Oh and I could see you in the mirror above the couch for a quick moment in the video =)


ben and erin said...

yes as in you jess! i could see myself too. it's good it was only for a split second too, because we would have had to redo it until ben picked your name again!