Saturday, February 14, 2009

6/52 photo challenge

we're already on week six of the photo challenge. and believe me, this week was a challenge. botanical february was the category. i had no idea what to do. there is nothing botanical about february, except for a couple years ago we had really nice weather for a while and i actually had flowers coming up in late january/early february! so after our week of 50-70 degree weather i was searching my flower garden for any sign of green, but no luck there.

but then i remembered that february is a very botanical month -- hello!? --valentine's day flowers! so during my trip to the grocery store i pulled out my camera and snapped a picture of a rose. that would work just fine...

until ben got home.

he was working most of the day finishing up the job he's been doing for his friend. he got home right before supper and surprised samantha and me with flowers. but not the $50 roses that will die in a week. i found it quite funny that he brought me flowers after my post earlier about us not doing anything for valentines day!

anyway, he brought us some plants. pink, purple, and light pink cyclamens and a pink calla lily. they're beautiful! now i just have to keep them alive. so.... here's my botanical february photo of the week.

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Heather said...

nice pictures, erin. and way to go, ben. buying your girls flowers... that's so sweet!

you'll like my word, erin. it's "jecohzes."