Thursday, December 11, 2008

thankful thursday

i almost forgot! it's been a weird week so my days are all messed up.

today ben and i are thankful for our respective jobs --- husband father self-employed painter and wife mother homemaker (hmmmm... should i actually list all the jobs i have?!).

a few years ago we had a really bad work related year. it was really tight. tighter than *place your witty analogy here*! maybe someday i'll tell you everything i learned that year.

anyway, God has truely blessed us. ben has had a BUSY year! winter usually slows way down but God has been faithful in providing constant (for the most part!) work for ben. and God has been AWESOME by allowing me to stay at home ever since we got married (even during that bad year) and be a full time wife and mom.

there are a lot of people right now without jobs, and probably a lot of stay at home moms that have had to go get a job. i know there are days when everyone dreads the job they have (except Jessica. she has the best job!) but right now i'm sure we can all be thankful!!

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Jessica said...

I hear ya! I am definitely nerdy and love my job, but I do feel very, VERY blessed to not only have a job, but job security. A job where, when the execs talk about cutting the budget, the word "layoff" never comes up!