Friday, December 19, 2008

my walking commercial

i've got a personal infomercial. yep, you guessed it. my sponge of a child, samantha, sees or rather absorbs commercials and "replays" them to me at the most random times. we'll be in the store and she'll see some "mr. clean" product, ask me if i want to buy it, and then tells me why exactly i need it!

lately she's been on kick of telling that she needs pixos just because of the commercial on tv.

"mom, they're easy to use and they're safe."

"yes dear."

"...and you don't need any heat."

"yes dear, but we're not going to get them."

"...and you don't use glue."

"yes dear, we're still not going to get them."

"...and they don't make a mess mom. do you want me to be messy mom?"

"no sweetie, but we're still not going to get them."

"okay....... i guess if you want me to make a mess then...." she said in her best you're gonna regret this voice.

well, we didn't buy them, she hasn't made a mess without them, and i've come to the conclusion that she watches way too much tv!


A day in the life of the Simmons said...

LOL that is hillarious!!

Jessica said...

that is really cute (What are pixos though?)

ben and erin said...

pixos? i'm not really sure what they are. but i do know that they are safe, and easy to use, and don't require glue, and don't make a mess! :-) they're some kind of a art toy i think!

Jessica said...

haha got it!!