Wednesday, October 22, 2008

catching up

my parents came down for a visit on tuesday, october 7th. we had a wonderful vist. when they got there on tuesday evening, we had a quick dinner then went to ben's softball games, in which he skinned up the sides of both legs..... let me just say that you should be glad i didn't take pictures because it was pretty bad!

on wednesday we worked on miscellaneous projects around the house. i don't know how this happened but my mom ended up helping me wash the windows. i never wash the windows. i haven't in about 2 years. so why we ended up washing them i have no idea. what a nice way to treat my mom on her vacation, huh! :-)

on thursday mom, ryan, and i went shopping while samantha stayed home to play legos with papa. little did we know we'd be gone for 5 hours. oops!

on friday we went to penguin park and had a picnic. right when we got there samantha got stung by a bee. thankfully i had a princess ice pack in the cooler so it didn't swell up.

we had a fun filled day on saturday. we went to a children's farmstead in overland park, kansas. we had a great morning there. i thought it would be a fun field trip for samantha, but i think we all enjoyed it.

on monday the 13th my parents had to go back to minnesota. and the kids and i went with them. (yes, it was planned!) the kids were pretty good, so we had a nice 10 hour trip!

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