Saturday, September 27, 2008

backyard science

we have been blessed with some beautiful weather lately, so we took advantage of it a few days ago and had our science lesson outside. all my flowers in the back yard are blooming right now, attracting many different butterflies, bugs, and miscellaneous insects! i was just going to post the pictures, but then i though i'd actually educate myself and figure out what they all were!

samantha enjoyed exploring the tinier part of God's creation.

this critter is a type of beetle called a margined leatherwing. he enjoyed sucking something out of the marigolds. a couple of times we could only see the end of him because his "face" was buried down in the flower.

samantha was intrigued by the bees. she had recently watched a documentary on bees, so she was telling me all about them. "some are workers, there's a queen, and there's drones..." stuff i vaugly remember!

honey bee

bumble bee

we got a good view of this plains leopard frog when he jumped about 2 feet in the air!

i couldn't quite put my finger on what this is, but i believe it is a narcissus bulb fly. it appears to be a fly covered with gold hairs.

and now the butterflies! they were so pretty and interesting to watch fly around from one flower to the next. with, of course, a little break inbetween to bask in the sun!

pearl crescent

orange sulfer


painted lady

did you know that butterflies and moths have a long tongue called a proboscis? i didn't! it is used like a drinking straw and when not in use it is coiled up as seen on this peck's skipper. you may need to click on the picture to see it close up!
isn't it amazing what you can learn from your backyard in a matter of minutes?!

learn all about bugs here!


Jessica said...

I AM amazed at what you learned in your backyard! Go teacher Erin!! (Do you use a green pen? hehe)

ben and erin said...

no i do not use a green pen... most of the time i circle her page with a pencil... or let her do it...

i definitely don't follow the rules like we had to. about the only rule i abide by is that she has to complete all the pages. although i have thought about skipping a few!

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Wow that's great! I saw the tongue thingy even!

Jessica said...

That is good you have broken away from the silly rules... like using green pens! haha It was years before I could use a green pen and not feel guilty about it. =)