Thursday, August 21, 2008

playdate at the park

yesterday the kids and i went to smithville to play with samantha's 3 year old cousin, karma. they don't get to play together very often, so they had a lot of fun playing at the park.

ryan must have taken a chill pill before we got there because he was so relaxed in the swing. he looked like he could've fallen asleep!

going for a ride with sissy. that was the extent of ryan's playing on the playground.

this picture cracks me up because the girls both wanted to do a "train" down their slide, but neither of them wanted to go to the other one's slide!! so they were leaning forward talking to each other trying to figure out a solution.

they finally figured it out!

ryan had fun playing with the rocks. he kept trying to eat them though!

samantha and karma. someone asked me if they were twins.

nothin' better than playing at the park then going to mcd's

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Nicole said...

Samantha looks so much like you! Well, and she has Becky's lips! :)