Saturday, August 23, 2008

ball fights

actually more like wars! i don't remember when or how this started, but i'm gonna take a stab at it!

it was after we had samantha, because we had about 3 or 4 balls. a rubber spongebob ball, a softer princess ball, and some others. and as to how it started? it was probably me. i probably threw a ball at ben for some reason and he probably rocketed it back to me. this of course started our ball wars! every now and then one of us will throw a ball at the other person (in retaliation of something said, etc.), chaos will break loose, balls will be flying everywhere, and we will continue hurling balls at each other in our living room until one of us gives in and calls a truce.

ben can throw those balls so hard that they can give me welts, but he ususally doesn't throw them as hard as he could. i remember when jess and jini (my sister) and priyanka were here for a visit a few years ago jess and ben got into a fight. we were all trying to stay out of the way and i remember jini saying something like, "you let them do this? in your living room?!" after their fight was over they both had some good welts!

it has to be said that we don't do this as much anymore. our living room seems to have gotten smaller with the addition of a fishtank and a baby, and we tend to be a little more careful now that we have a flatscreen tv. but i will say that we havn't ever broke anything!

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