Saturday, July 19, 2008

three busy weeks... part 1

ok.... travel back in time to about a month ago. heather came friday, june 20th to visit before heading to alaska for the summer. she was able to stay for about a week and a half so we got a lot of stuff in! the day after heather got here ben had an all-day softball tournament, so she got doused with our kansas city heat right away. sunday evening we had my sister-in-law's birthday party. this wasn't "the big one" but she did put on her sunglasses to blow out the candles...! :-) during the week we spent a lot of time shopping, driving around kc, and taking pictures.

a couple days before samantha's birthday she got an early present from auntie kim.... a brand new bike! she was so excited! ben took her to the park a couple times so she could practice riding it. (the sidewalks around our house aren't the greatest for learning how to ride a bike!) she did pretty good!

samantha turned 5 on friday, june 27th. ben had the day off, so we went to cici's pizza for lunch, chuck e cheese's to play, and then to loose park to take some pictures. that night at home she opened her presents from us and we had a mini cake that daddy got for her. on sunday, the 29th, we had her family party at our house. it was a beautiful night. ben grilled and we got to eat outside and enjoy the nice weather. samantha had fun opening her presents and was excited that she got a princess cake!

the cutie sitting next to her in the car is her pretend husband, or so i was told!

another fun thing we did while heather was here was riding the kansas city northern railroad. the trains run on a half-mile track. tickets are 50 cents apiece and you get to go around twice. it's actually quite fun. there's even a tunnel and a bridge! samantha loved it. ryan didn't!

we also went to briarcliffe fountain and j. c. nichols fountain on the plaza. it's my favorite fountain in kc and makes for some good pictures!


j.c. nichols fountain

ok.... sorry this is so long! here's a couple more pictures of the kids. this was at the park by our house.
samantha trying to give ryan an underdog


Jessica said...

Loved all the pics! Your kids are super cute! That fountain place is really pretty! I am so happy you have a blog now! It's such a fun way to keep people updated on your life plus see what everyone else is up to! =)

A day in the life of the Simmons said...

Looks like fun :D