Tuesday, July 22, 2008

homemade strawberry wine

sunday after church we invited ben's step dad over for lunch because ben was gonna grill. so we stopped at the store and got a few necessities and we found this strawberry angel food cake. i had some strawberries at home that needed to be thrown away or else mashed for shortcake, so i figured we could have that for dessert. after lunch i got all the strawberries hulled and mashed and we enjoyed our shortcake. well after our dessert i couldn't find the lid for the bowl that held the mashed strawberries, so i just decided to leave it out on the counter and deal with it later.

then last night for dinner ben grilled hamburgers (they were gooooooood!). so i had all the stuff on the counter for them, including onions. an hour or so after dinner i was putting everything away and there was this awful stench by the onions. i figured they were really strong! so i threw them away knowing we wouldn't use them anymore and got the rest of the stuff put away. about an hour after that i could still smell what i though was the onions when i walked by the counter. i couldn't figure out how they could get that bad that fast since they were fine for dinner. so i was cleaning up the rest of the counter, making sure the sink was rinsed out and so on. then i saw the bowl...... 30 hour old strawberries..... they still looked okay, but then i smelled them.... WHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! they were BAD!!!!!!! i didn't know strawberries fermented that fast! so i poured them right down the drain, ran the disposal, and soaked the bowl in detergent, thinking that would take care of the problem. about two hours after that i could STILL smell it! the smell was now trapped in my drain. so i ran the disposal some more but that still didn't help. i looked for an orange or a lemon wedge to throw down there, but i didn't have any. i had to do something about it because you could smell it in the whole kitchen now. so i grabbed the bleach and started pouring it down the sink. i think i used about half of it. so now the stench is replaced with an overpowering bleach smell. i guess it's better that fermented strawberries!


Jessica said...

That's a funny story! You didn't want to try your strawberry wine??? haha

Heather said...

I bet they didn't smell as bad as the rotten potatoes Lori left in the microwave in St. Cloud!!!!