Tuesday, July 29, 2008

any african wild game for sale?

today at lunch samantha was asking if we could have an elephant. i thought our conversation was over after about 20 minutes of explaining the many reasons why an elephant couldn't stay at our house.

but then she said, "mom, can we talk about zebras now?"

i guess it's time for another trip to the zoo!


Jessica said...

That is so funny! Did she have you talked into any zoo animals by the end of the day? haha

ben and erin said...

no she didn't, but today while we were driving she asked me what i'd do if i had a gorilla in my back yard.... then a rhinoceros.... then a giraffe.....
then what if there was a skunk in our house... (what would you do katie?) and she really wanted to know what i would do because i tried to blow it off a couple times!

i guess we'll have a plan if any of those scenarios ever become a reality!

Jessica said...

I love kids' imaginations! She's quite the thinker! You will have a fun time answering all her questions as she gets older. Good thing we are in the internet age and have that information at our fingertips!! hehe Well, except maybe not information as to what to do if you had a gorilla in your back yard =)